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Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts (CHEC)


The CHEC Group is an association of sixteen electricity distribution utilities modeled after a cooperative to share resources and proficiencies as the Ontario electricity industry continues its transformation. Previously known as the Organized Power Group, the CHEC group has expanded its membership and subsequent customer base resulting in a diverse yet collective alliance focused on maximizing value for investment by combining resources and competencies while simultaneously maintaining the high standards of locally supplied service our customers have come to expect.

The mission of the CHEC Group is, "to be recognized as the premier LDC Cooperative in the province, by meeting or exceeding member expectations through the sharing of services, opportunities, knowledge and resources."

The values of the CHEC Group include the sharing of resources, both intellectual and technical, enabling members to deliver value to their customers and shareholders ensuring competitiveness in the marketplace.

The current member utilities of the CHEC group are:

Centre Wellington Hydro Ltd.; COLLUS Power Corp.; Innisfil Hydro Distribution Systems Limited; Lakefront Utilities Inc.; Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd.; Midland Power Utility Corporation; Orangeville Hydro Limited; Parry Sound Power; Rideau St. Lawrence Distribution Inc.; Wasaga Distribution Inc.; Wellington North Power Inc.; West Coast Huron Energy Inc. (Goderich Hydro).

A Centralized Web Page containing information on the Conservation activities within each of the Municipalities serviced by the members is now available: Go to to chec out the site !